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BLANCO EVOL-S Pro Soda & Filter

Still, medium, sparkling: BLANCO EVOL-S Pro Soda & Filter. Just twist and enjoy!

faucet systemthat eliminates the need for water coolers and carbonators: With Blanco Evol-S Pro Soda & Filter, it's possible to dispense chilled, filtered, and, depending on preference, still or sparkling water directly from the faucet. What initially appears to be a standard, high-quality kitchen faucet is actually a comprehensive "5-in-1 drinking water system." Because the soda tap With Blanco Evol-S Pro Soda & Filter has about On the right side, conventional cold to warm tap water is drawn using a traditional mixing lever, while on the left side, filtered and chilled water is dispensed through the three different functions Steps still, medium, or sparkling – according to taste. In addition – and this is an absolute novelty for such drinking water systems – the water requirement can be preset using the measuring cup function.

Blanco Evol-S Pro Soda Filter

Evoking timeless natural beauty

But how exactly does "Back to nature" manifest itself in our kitchens, and at which points can different materials appear? Dark wood finishes and warm concrete tones imbue a room climate characterized by natural elegance. Specifically, this can be reflected in sandy-colored walls, dark wood finishes on the cabinets, and warm concrete tones on the countertops. In addition to the subtle interplay of colors, the tactile feel of matte surfaces with fine pores also has a calming effect on us.

A combination of matte corpus and elements in graphite or black perfectly complement dark walnut decor, creating an impression of timeless naturalness.