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Living Kitchen

A space for cooking and comfort

If you have a large eat-in kitchen, you can consider yourself lucky and let your creativity flow when designing your fitted kitchen. In the Varia kitchen studio, you'll find numerous ideas for a kitchen with a cooking island or a U-shaped kitchen centered around a dining table with chairs. Planning an eat-in kitchen is particularly suitable for houses and apartments where an open kitchen provides ample space for setting up and practical as well as design-oriented arranging.

Details and Special Features of a Living Kitchen

Living Kitchen
Wohnküche Holz

The term kitchen-living room presupposes that you create a dining area next to the fitted kitchen. The larger your open kitchen, the more freedom you have in planning and the more options you have. The modern kitchen-living room can consist of a cooking island and a linear, L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. In this case, use the back of the kitchen island for a raised bar table that can accommodate bar stools for your entire family.

The open kitchen is the place where, thanks to the stylish decor and the perfectly planned fitted kitchen, you'll never have to be alone. While you dedicate yourself to the preparation of culinary delights, you can chat with your partner, children, or visiting friends and enjoy the shared moments.

Im Varia Küchenstudio finden Sie viele Ideen für die Einrichtung einer Wohnküche, die mehr als nur eine Küche nach Maß, nämlich ein Lebensraum ist. Eine offene Küche erfordert präzise Planung und sollte nach der Auswahl der Einbauküche in der von Ihnen favorisierten Ausführung noch viel Platz zum Sitzen, zum Kochen und zum gesellig sein bieten.

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