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From planning to realization, in expert hands.

With a built-in kitchen from Varia, you're not just choosing a cooking space, but quality of life and a sense of well-being. Find a kitchen studio near you that offers service and plans your kitchenette with competence and expertise. Your new L-shaped kitchen will inspire you and provide numerous opportunities to position the precisely planned and realized kitchen in both open and closed, large and small kitchen spaces.

Details and features of an L-shaped kitchenette.


The classic kitchenette doesn't offer the space you get with an L-shaped built-in kitchen. Your local Varia kitchen specialist will advise you on the perfect built-in kitchen and looks forward to welcoming you to the kitchen studio. The principle of an L-shaped kitchen is based on a classic kitchenette, extended at one side to form an L shape. Due to this design, L-shaped kitchens are very suitable, for example, if you want to create an optical semi-high separation between the open kitchen area and the living space. But even in small and narrow kitchens, your Varia kitchen studio can find a solution that you can configure according to your requirements and personal needs. The corner solution is optimally combinable with corner cabinets and gives you more storage space and thus more space in the kitchen.

An L-shaped built-in kitchen is a practical and visually appealing solution that also provides space for your dining table and chairs in the room. Additionally, you can work on a continuous surface and have space for herbs, kitchen appliances, or decorative items on the countertop. The L-shaped format can be chosen as a room divider or as a kitchen placed completely on the wall around the corner, designed from various modules and cabinet solutions, and precisely tailored to your space and available area. Even in smaller kitchens, an L-shaped kitchen is quite practical and is better suited than a simple kitchenette, where there is often no space left for storage solutions alongside the built-in appliances.

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