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Modern Kitchens

Ideas for modern families and households

The planning of a modern kitchen should be entrusted to specialists. Kitchen planning by a professional plays a very important role in ensuring that all elements are harmoniously coordinated and that the design meets your requirements. In a Varia kitchen studio, you will find a modern fitted kitchen to suit every taste and need, which can be designed with or without a kitchen island, or in a U- or L-shaped layout. Let your creativity run wild and choose a modern fitted kitchen that invites you to both prepare culinary delights and to relax in a cozy or sociable atmosphere.

Details and Special Features of a Modern Kitchen

Moderne Küche Grau

Smooth fronts

The concept of a modern fitted kitchen is based on smooth fronts without handles, whispering drawers, and technical appliances that are hidden behind the fronts.
At your local Varia kitchen specialist, you'll find creative ideas and designs, as well as solutions that include a kitchen island, built-in refrigerator, electric stove, a microwave adorned with a panel, and a dishwasher integrated into the cabinet system. The modern kitchen can be clean and subtle, luxurious, glossy or matte. Here, you can give your imagination free rein and trust the professionals at Varia when you entrust them with the kitchen planning and express your personal wishes.

Diverse options

Numerous modern kitchen units and individual modules are available for combination and can be connected in your desired format and preferred finish. With advisory expertise and customer-oriented service, your Varia kitchen studio plans your dream kitchen tailored to your measurements and personal requirements.

Special elegance

Dark or light surfaces, marble-like and stone-inspired designs, stone countertops, and large, handleless surfaces characterize the modern kitchen and endow it with special elegance. Wood veneer or solid wood also play a significant role in the modern fitted kitchen. The wall between the base cabinets and wall cabinets can be clad in colored glass or designed with large floor tiles.

Household appliances

The highlight of every modern kitchen is the selection of appliances, which naturally meet the highest standards and form the centerpiece of the fitted kitchen. A centerpiece that convinces with quality hidden behind the fronts but does not become the focal point visually.